Should you buy a used car from a dealership or private seller? Which is best?

When you go to buy a used car, many people wonder if they should get it from a dealership or purchase it from a private seller. This is an important decision that will affect your overall experience and how much money you spend. To help you decide which option is best for you, we have created this blog post to discuss the benefits of buying a used car from a dealership rather than purchasing one privately. We’ve listed the top 3 reasons to buy from a dealership:

1) The dealership can provide the used vehicle’s history:

When you buy a used car from a dealership, the salesperson can provide you with its Carfax report. This report includes information about the car’s past, such as whether it was in any accidents or if it has been recalled by the manufacturer. If you purchase a used car from a private seller, you will not have access to that information directly. Also, there are some private sellers whose only goal is to sell the car and won’t give you an honest assessment as to the real condition of the vehicle, maintenance, etc. A used car dealership does have a reputation to protect, so you can trust that they will give you an accurate report on the car’s history.

2) Better financing options:

Some banks will not finance a used vehicle from a private seller, but if you buy from a dealership, they will most likely approve your loan. This is because they know the history of the car and it has been checked out by their auto technicians which gives them more security when deciding to finance the vehicle for you. Additionally, dealerships offer in-house financing with interest rates that are typically lower than you can find at the local bank.

3) Tax Benefits:

There can be tax advantages when you have a trade-in. In most states, you’ll only pay taxes on the difference between the price of the vehicle you’re trading in, and the one you’re purchasing from a dealership. That can add up to a lot of dough! Be sure to check with your state’s Dept. of Motor Vehicles.

4) Vehicle Warranty:

Most reputable dealership offer an extended warranty on the used car you are purchasing. This gives you added peace of mind and can save you money down the road if any problems with the vehicle arise. When buying from a private seller, you typically won’t be protect by the “implied warranties” that your state may offer.

When it comes to deciding whether to buy a used car from a dealership or private seller, these are just a few benefits that come to mind. There are many more reasons to buy from a dealership, such as the convenience of having a one-stop shop for all your car needs and the availability of certified pre-owned cars. So, before making your final decision, be sure to do some additional research on both options.

We hope that this blog post has helped you make an informed decision about where to buy your next used vehicle.